Vanessa Brady OBE, Managing Director of the SBID
(Society of British and International Interior Design), visits
the Sub-Zero & Wolf HQ at Maldon to explore the many
benefits of a well-designed workspace.

“It’s environments like these that improve our mood and boost our morale at work.”


We’ve reached a new phase in office design. Gone are the days of enclosed workstations and structured typing pools. A successful modern workspace is a place of inspiration, a place that reflects the ethos and spirit of the company and its people. Nowhere is this more evident than at the new Sub-Zero & Wolf HQ in Maldon, Essex. As I enter the office, which looks out onto the Chelmer and Blackwater Canal, I get an immediate sense of what Sub- Zero & Wolf represents. The workspace is open and collaborative, encouraging conversation and interaction between staff. Indeed, a glass partition links the staff room to the main workspace, ensuring no area is ever closed off or separated. Everything is geared towards inclusivity and engagement.

This emphasis on collaboration is no coincidence. As a company, Sub-Zero & Wolf is built on the coming together of the USA and Britain. This transatlantic relationship is honoured throughout the workspace. American Art Deco tiling is paired with iconic British artefacts, including a model spitfire and a red telephone box that stands outside the boardroom.

But the décor doesn’t just celebrate the history and heritage of the brand; it’s designed to seamlessly support the functionality of the office. For example, at first glance the back wall appears to bear the distinctive British and American flags, but on closer inspection it becomes clear that the whole wall is made up of work folders, each of which is coloured to have its rightful place within the flag and, as a result, on the shelf. Not a piece of paperwork sits out of place!

“American Art Deco tiling is paired with iconic British artefacts.”

It’s environments like these that improve our mood and boost our morale at work, both as individuals and as a team. As in every other aspect of life, we all do things better when we enjoy it, so a positive working environment is invaluable when it comes to staff performance and quality of work. Craig Davies, Managing Director at Sub-Zero & Wolf UK, knows this better than most. Living by the maxim that we should “surround ourselves with wonderment”, Craig even has his own wooden canoe, which staff can take out onto the canal behind the office for a

quick row up to the shops.The more time I spend at the Sub-Zero & Wolf HQ, the more I realise this is more than just an office. It’s a place for a family of people who trust each other and share a genuine passion for the products and the brand. This family extends from the team in the office and the staff in the London showroom to the service and delivery teams in the warehouse and out on the road. As Craig says, “our team is our working family,” and the Sub-Zero & Wolf HQ is a perfect representation of this inclusive, collaborative working dynamic.

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